Could You Find Your Satisfaction.

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A drabble not-so-drabble-stop-writing-more-than-you-intended-to blog.
Fanfic writing at it's worst, and building up. It's all good.

Sengoku BASARA
Idk what else

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The door shuts with a force just short of slamming.

The couch creaks under the heavy thrust of weight upon it.

"I’m guessing the confessions didn’t go well today, Mr. Priest?"

"Can it, Grandpa."

"You always did take an interest in older men."

"…I said can it."

DC 5/30: Haze (2/2)

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic | Judal/Sinbad, Judal-centric

Note: Sorta vague and idk if it’s even understandable um.

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There was something strange there—as if we’d left this unresolved.

That awkward sweeping side glance, the turn of our heads,

the meeting of the eyes

for what lasted an eternity

as the irises held each other

but in reality was less than a second’s worth of


And the momentary loss of breath

as the heart floods.

Repeatedly throughout the night but

we stand


at a distance.

The night comes to a close for us

Another chance we lose

to say that which we never would.

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"You’re so unfair."

Ja’far muttered, his ragged breath forming a puff in the brisk air.

"You’re so unfair."

The rain pattered softly on the ground, a solemn, melancholy tune.


It merged with the king’s blood, infusing it into the ground of the very kingdom which he’d loved, and so subsequently, died for. 


It was all he could say as he continued to grasp the lifeless, scarlet hand.

Then the first among a spasm of choked sobs rang throughout the voiceless land, and even the skies seemed to mourn with somber downpour.

DC 5/30: Haze (1/2)

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic| Sinbad/Judal

Note: Yeah um so this was a result of one of my SinJu headcanons ahaha.

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DC 4/30: Snowflake

Sengoku BASARA (AU) | Yukimura/Sasuke. Not a Sayuki thing.

Note: Nope I suck at writing can’t do it—but here have this anyway /jumps into hole buries self

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The prompt for day 5 is written too, but I’m not posting it until THIS ONE. IS. DONE. dsflgkhfkdlugh /FLIPS LAPTOP

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DC 3/30: Restless

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic | Judal

Note: It feels like I need more work with Judal’s character, I dunno. 

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DC 2/30: Accusation (2/2)

Sengoku BASARA (AU) | Yukimura/Masamune. 

Note: Continuation from “Beginning”, takes place some time after. ..I think I fried my brain for the day like, three hours ago. Not to mention having a headache due to the summer heat.

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DC 2/30: Accusation (1/2)

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic | Sinbad/Ja’far/?, Not a SinJa thing.

Note: It sounds a bit choppy to me, sorry.. I couldn’t think of a way to make it sound more fluid. This gave me a lot of conflicting feelings too, jeezus..

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